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Cedarville Christian University Fired Boehner Challenger J.D. Winteregg, Then Called for Boehner to Pass Immigration

Dr. William Brown is Ohio’s Cedarville University chancellor. John Boehner is Brown’s congressman. One of the Cedarville professors, J.D. Winteregg, had the audacity to challenge Speaker Boeher and do it with humor and pith. A racy ‘Cialis’ takeoff campaign ad went viral, and adjunct professor Winteregg promptly lost his job. The two prior Boehner challengers lost their jobs as well, while the campaign was under way. But we can understand, Cedarville is a Christian University, and that Cialis-takeoff was just too much for all those Christian college students who have been watching these ads, and far worse, for years. The […]

Free Speech Denied the Most on an University Campus?

How important is free speech?  And, how little of it is actually possible on a university campus?  This video explains the situation… H/T:  Always on Watch

GLAAD’s Tolerance: Agree Or You Are Anti-Gay

GLAAD is a militant intolerant tyrannical homosexual group which by its words and actions espouses a philosophy where persons absolutely must believe their way about homosexuals to be considered tolerant. If you are a public figure and believe differently than GLAAD they will cause a ruckus at your place of employment, try to get you fired, and put you on their blacklist. GLAAD has no concept of disagreeing while being civil. Most everyone, if not all, in conservative punditry espouse their own views but don’t go after particular public figures trying to get them fired for them believing differently.  Liberty loving […]

#ObamaCare Damage: College Students Priced Out of Market

Last November, college students voted for Barak Obama in overwhelming numbers.  Now, they are being repaid for that loyalty- in the form of losing their insurance.  Wyblog has more of the irony… Low information Obama voters shocked to discover they can’t buy low-cost health insurance College students in New Jersey voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. And now they’re shocked to discover that his signature legislative achievement hits them where it hurts, in the pocketbook. It was a health care shocker for college students in New Jersey who found out that they can’t buy low-cost health insurance at their schools because […]

Taking America Back One Bit At A Time Part 6: The Process of Taking America Back

Earlier posts in this series can be found here: Part 1, Introduction, Part 2, The Founding, Part 3, The Taking, Part 4, The Taking continued, and Part 5, Looking Beyond December 2012. {NOTE: This is the last post in this series and it is long.} The Process of Taking America Back In Part 5, we speculated about the future. We divided the future into three parts: 1.) from December 2012 until the debt time bomb goes off, 2.) the period of chaos after the debt bomb goes off, and 3.) after the chaos. We will want to keep those three parts […]

Anti-Semitism Alert: Increasing on College Campuses

SE Cupp, for GBTV has a report on the growth of Anti-Semitism on college campuses… You have to give the Conservative college students some credit, they are in the belly of the beast, and they may be jeopardizing their safety by questioning their would-be statist overlords.

Blog Focus: Liberal Elitism on Display

We know that the liberals are elitist.  Let’s just file that under, ‘Duh!.”  However, they have a hard time keeping their true feelings about us under wraps.  The Other McCain has some reminders of what our would-be “progressive” masters really think about us. Megan McArdle did a post about evidence that academia systematically excludes conservatives. Liberals responded by justfying and/or defending this exclusion, offering a variety of excuses which Megan summarizes thus: •Smart people are almost always liberal •Curiosity and interest in ideas is a liberal trait •Conservatives are too rigid and authoritarian to maintain the open mind required of a professor •Education […]