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Parents are Apparently Unqualified to Make Decisions About School Choice

Nanny State

We all know the nanny state.  It consists of people that are simply smarter than we are.  And since they are smarter, they are entitiled to instruct us as to how we will eat, sleep, breath, and, of course, what schools out children can go to.  Do you think I am in jest?  Fear not, as I a quite serious.  Just ask the educrat in the following video, she’ll tell you herself!  We might as well just give up.  These people are just so much smarter than we are, we should just submit to the will of the nanny state. […]

Obama Pressuring Banks to Give High Risk Loans to Poor and Minorites


As we learn more about the financial meltdown of 2008, it becomes increasingly apparent that one of the main causes for this economic disaster was government policy that forced banks to extend loans to those people who were unable to pay those back. Government agents put pressure on banks and government banking institutions like Freddie/Franny to give loans to people who under normal circumstances would be unable to pay back these loans and who were especially unable to protect themselves from the exposure to risk that these loans entailed. Misguided government policies ambushed innocent people who believed the dream that […]