List of Obama’s Military Purge, the count nears 200


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List of Obama’s Military Purge, the count nears 200: Don pointed out that the messiah seems to be following the footsteps of Comrade Stalin. 
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Hat/Tip to The Free Patriot.

As quietly as he can, in his traditional “leading from behind” M.O., President Obama seems to be purging the military. The Free Patriot has published the actual list of military brass Obama has fired.

When we brought you the 9 Military Commanders it was apparent that President Obama was purging the military top brass. When two days later two more were fired, many reporters started trying to get to the bottom of what President Obama was doing with what he called “my military”. Now what was a noticeable purge of commanders is now topped 197 since 2009!

While the top listed reason is sex, there seems to be several questionable reasons why these guys are being fired. From dereliction of duty to not saluting properly. The list continues to grow.

Don’t forget that Obama has referenced the United States Military as “my military” on more than one occasion; nor should we forget that he wanted a “civilian defense force.”



From Facebook Page comes a long and detailed list with links!

There have been rather a lot, to say the least, of firings, demotions, relievings and disciplinings of hundreds of officers in our military under this present regime. The grounds range from “leaving blast doors on nukes open” to “loss of confidence in command ability” to “mishandling of funds” to “inappropriate relationships” to “gambling with counterfeit chips” to “inappropriate behavior” to “low morale in troops commanded” to you-name-it-you-got-it…and, now you’re gonna’ get it!

Listed below are some of the various commanders, vice-commanders, etc. who have been relieved, fired, forced into early retirement and otherwise let go of…or, gotten rid of…depending on how one chooses to interpret all this. Grand Total thus far: 197 (Mostly Colonel and above. 127 AF majors included…they all occurred at one time, apparently). Also, provided are 11 links to various articles about said officers and the various ends of their military careers.

This does not include any of the stories about the pressure or attacks, if you will, made on those of all ranks, high and low, done by this regime or their “agents” and based on religious grounds or their stances on traditional marriage or statements or actions that have been deemed offensive to Islam…beliefs held by many who have been persecuted, if not out-right prosecuted, for said religious and/or traditional belief stances.

This if offered not as proof of any attempt to purge our military of those deemed un-fit by this present regime. It is simply offered as a PARTIAL listing of what has happened so far under the present “C-i-C.” Please note “PARTIAL.” This writer does not claim this list is complete.

It remains to be seen if more “disciplinary actions” are taken or are warranted. I simply find myself asking, as the picture below asks:

What Is Happening to Our Military?! ~cj

Grand Total: 197 Officers

Year: 2013 (9, so far).

1. Marine Col. Daren Margolin – Quantico – Oct. 18, 2013. Was in charge of Quantico’s Security Battalion.
2. Marine Major General C.M.M. Gurganus – Oct. 12, 2013. Commander Regional Command Southwest and I Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) in Afghanistan.
3. AF Major Gen. Michael Carey – Oct. 8, 2013. 2-star commander of 20th Air Force. 3 wings of ICBMs. 450 nukes. Covered 3 AF bases across nation.
4. Navy Vice-Admiral Tim Guardina – Oct. 9, 2013. 3-star vice-commander all US nuclear forces (land/air/sea). Relieved of command. Demoted in rank to 2-stars.
5. Marine Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant – September 2013. Director of strategic planning and policy for U.S. Pacific Command and commander of the Aviation Wing At Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.
6. Marine Col. James Christmas – July 18, 2013. Commanded 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit. Also, commanded the new Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response Unit.
7. Army Brigadier General Bryan Roberts – May 2013. Commander, Ft. Jackson, SC.
8. Marine Gen. James Mattis – May 2013. Chief of CentCom.
9. Army Major General Ralph Baker – April 2013. Commander of Joint Task Force Horn of Africa at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, Africa

Year: 2012 (Overall total – 4 +24 = 28 Final total).

1. Marine General John R. Allen – Nov. 13, 2012. Commander, ISAF – International Security Assistance Force.
2. Army General David Petraeus – Nov. 9, 2012. Commander, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A). Director of CIA from September 2011 to November 2012.
3. Navy Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette – Oct. 27, 2102. Commander, USS John C. Stennis strike group. Relieved within a day or so of Benghazi.
4. Army General Carter F. Ham – Oct. 18, 2012. Commander, AFRICOM. Relieved during Benghazi from direct command of AFRICOM.

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Naval Officers (all in 2012): Total – 24

1. Cmdr. Derick Armstrong, Commander, guided missile destroyer USS The Sullivans.
2. Cmdr. Martin Arriola, Commander, USS Porter.
3. Capt. Antonio Cardoso, Commander, of Training Support Center San Diego.
4. Capt. James CoBell, Commander, Oceana Naval Air Station’s Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic.
5. Cmdr. Joseph E. Darlak, Commander, USS Vandegrift.
6. Cmdr. Franklin Fernandez, Commander, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 24.
7. Cmdr. Ray Hartman, Commander, amphibious dock-landing ship Fort McHenry.
8. Cmdr. Jon Haydel, Commander, USS San Diego.
9. Cmdr. Diego Hernandez, Commander, ballistic-missile submarine USS Wyoming.
10. Cmdr. Lee Hoey, Commander, Navy Drug Screening Laboratory, San Diego.
11. Cmdr. Dennis Klein, Commander, submarine USS Columbia.
12. Capt. Marcia “Kim” Lyons, Commander, Naval Health Clinic New England.
13. Capt. Chuck Litchfield, Commander, USS Essex.
14. Capt. Robert Marin, Commander, USS Cowpens.
15. Capt. Sean McDonell, Commander, Seabee reserve unit Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 14.
16. Cmdr. Corrine Parker, Commander, Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 1.
17. Capt. Lisa Raimondo, Commander, Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River, Md.
18. Capt. Jeffrey Riedel, Program manager, Littoral Combat Ship program.
19. Cmdr. Sara Santoski, Commander, Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15.
20. Cmdr. Sheryl Tannahill, Commander, Navy Operational Support Center Nashville.
21. Cmdr. Michael Ward, Commander, USS Pittsburgh.
22. Capt. Michael Wiegand, Commander, Southwest Regional Maintenance Center.
23. Capt. Ted Williams, Commander, Mount Whitney.
24. Cmdr. Jeffrey Wissel, Commander, of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1.

Year: 2011 Total – 1 + 157 = 158 overall

Army Major Gen. Peter Fuller – May 2011. A top U.S. commander in Afghanistan.

157 Air Force majors. Military advocates decry ‘illegal’ early terminations of 157 Air Force majors

Year: 2010 Total – 1 ( total)

1. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal – June 2010. Overall commander Afghanistan. Replaced by Gen. Petraeus.

1. Year: 2009 Total – 1 (total)
Army Gen. David D. McKiernan – 2009. First 4-star relieved since Truman relieved MacArthur. Commanded in Afghanistan.~Breitbart Facebook Picture


All the links and sources are verifiable. This is scary folks, what is going on?


Bowe Bergdahl: Desertion, Misbehavior Before The Enemy Charges – AMEEN!


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PFC Bowe Bergdahl
Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl

“Ameen,” in Arabic means ‘Amen.’ See the story of Bowe Bergdahl’s father and his “Ameen” below. U.S. Army spokesman, Col. J. W. King, speaking from Ft. Bragg, has just announced desertion charges filed against Beau Bergdahl. Traded for five of the Taliban’s worst, or their best, depending on who is doing the deciding, Bergdahl received full pay after he ran away from his unit, and when we ‘saved’ him five years later, he learned he had been promoted to Sergeant, “in absentia,” or other reports say the promotion happened after he was retrieved from the enemy camp. So much was known about the night he walked away from his unit, that I see no reason to honor him with a rank he didn’t deserve. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, he will now have an Article 32 hearing, often compared to a civilian Grand Jury hearing.

1) Article 85: Desertion with intention to shirk important or hazardous duty

2) Article 99: Misbehavior Before the Enemy, endangering the unit, command, unit or place. I understand this also includes casting aside his weapons and/or ammunition.

If the Article 32 hearing recommends further action, a General Court Martial, a Special Court Martial, Dismeanor Charges or “any other action deemed necessary, may be taken.

The charges can bring a Dishonorable Discharge, loss of rank to E1, forfeiture of all pay, and up to a maximum five years in prison for each charge.

Judge Andrew Napolitano is on Fox this minute saying that there can be far more, “his defense team’s nightmare,” that could bring life in prison. You might remember that some in his unit have claimed that three (some say six) men died while searching for Bergdahl in Afghanistan. More on that at a later time.

Robert & Jani Bergdahl and President Obama
Robert & Jani Bergdahl and President Obama

On Bergdahl’s release, his parents were hosted at the White House, with Barack Obama at their side, in the Rose Garden, I believe, the father, Bob Bergdahl has a Twitter history. Take a look at this from my previous post: 

In June 2014, Bob Bergdahl, Bowe Bergdahl’s father Tweeted that he was working to free all Gitmo prisoners. He said that God will repay for the death of every Afghan child. In another tweet dated May 28, 2014, Bob tweeted in Arabic, and in English, saying “@ABalkhi my son speaks about unjust death of Afghan children;”


Bob Bergdahl Tweet (now deleted), courtesy of  The Conservative Hammer on Facebook
Bob Bergdahl Tweet (now deleted), courtesy of The Conservative Hammer on Facebook

The soldier, 28, disappeared from Combat Outpost Mest-Lalak in Paktika province, Afghanistan, on June 30, 2009. He has been accused of leaving his patrol base alone and intentionally before he was captured by Taliban insurgents.

He spent five years as a captive under the Taliban before he was freed in a May 31 prisoner swap that also freed five Taliban leaders from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba…

As the general court-martial convening authority, Milley has several courses of action, from no further action against Bergdahl to court-martial.

The case presents a challenge for the Army’s leadership, which has to decide whether to punish a soldier who spent five years as a prisoner of war or essentially overlook the allegations of misconduct that surrounded his disappearance. Source: Army Times





US Special Ops Evacuating Yemen, Obama Speaking from Fantasy Island Called Yemen His Success


Barack Obama


The last remaining U.S. special forces in Yemen, estimated at 100, are evacuating from Al Anad Air Force base near the city of al-Houta. Map_Yemen_7Fleeing al-Qaeda according to reports, although it is not clear whether our troops are leaving the country. Al Qaeda took al-Houta yesterday. Back in September 2014, Obama, speaking from Fantasy Island, cited Yemen as a successful model in the fight against terror.

This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years. ~ Barack Obama

It was no surprise to analysts that Sana’a fell to forces that can be ultimately culled down to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Call Soldiers_Warriors_Prayer_Psalm_59-1_1them what you want, Houthis, tribal thugs, we’re talking about AQAP.

God bless our warriors, put in these untenable positions without the ability fight a war. Get them the hell out of there!




Sgt. Derrick Miller: Serving Life For Protecting His Men – Help Free Derrick Miller

Sgt. Derrick Miller

Sgt. Derrick Miller is one more from among the trove of America’s treasure to be sentenced to life in prison for defending himself, and his men, against Afghan nationals. First, the details of his case, and then I hope you will continue to read about his exemplary military career.

According to Miller’s mother, Renee Meyers:

? Sgt. Miller had no run-ins with the law, or any history of violence.

? In court, there was no crime scene evidence, or forensics. No evidence or corroborating evidence.

? An unnamed Afghan civilian was offered money, and a Visa, and is now living in the U.S.

? One witness admitted to lying.

? The name of the man Miller shot, Atta Mohammed, was not allowed to be mentioned during his trial. Turn that name around, and you have the 9-11-01 lead attacker of the Twin Towers.

? Fourteen people showed up to testify that Miller saved their lives – only four were allowed to testify.

? Only two of the 10 on the jury had combat experience.

Renee Meyers with son Sgt. Derrick Meyers and his daughter

Case Details, September 26, 2010:

During a combat mission in a hostile area of Afghanistan in September 2010, Sgt. Derrick Miller’s attention was drawn to an Afghan national who had penetrated the defense perimeter set up by the US Army. The Afghan man was positively identified by another soldier under Sgt. Miller’s command who recognized him from a detainment the previous day. The man in question was the driver of a truck reported by military intelligence as transporting members of the opposition to a nearby combat firefight. US military intelligence let the trucks pass.

Sgt. Miller was sent to question the Afghan national after observing the suspicious behavior of the man as he reconnoitered their defense perimeter. It appeared that the man was gathering information, and since he was already identified as an enemy combatant, Sgt. Miller was acting instinctively to protect his unit by detaining this man.

During the questioning, which took place in an open area with another US soldier and an Afghan interpreter present, Sgt. Miller asked the man why he was within the perimeter. The man initially claimed to be an electrician who was responding to a downed power line, but later claimed to be there to fix a water pump. He had no tools with him, and no apparent means of carrying out the repairs he was supposedly there to address. The man was originally observed accompanied by two men whom he claimed were his sons and helpers. Both of those men had returned to the village without having performed any electrical work, and both in separate directions. They were not present during Sgt. Miller’s questioning. During the harsh questioning, the Afghan insurgent attempted to grab Sgt. Miller’s weapon, and was shot and killed in the struggle.

Within 45 minutes, SGT Millers unit was attacked on three sides by Afghan insurgents. During Sgt. Miller’s trial, all the soldiers who appeared from his unit testified that the enemy had to have reconnoitered their position closely in order to attack in the manner they did. There was also testimony that the incident with Sgt. Miller forced the entire unit into full alert / 100% security, which prepared the soldiers for the attack. Because of Sgt. Miller’s actions, no American lives were lost due to the level of their preparation.

As the details of the events of that day came to light, the US soldiers were suspicious of the Afghan man and the two other young men with him that he claimed were his sons and helpers.Yet at different times during the few hours that the Afghan was inside the perimeter, each of these men were sent back to the village by different routes. The Afghan interpreter testified that this happened. It is believed by the soldiers present at the time that these two men were carrying information to the insurgents detailing the most effective targets for the ensuing attack.

Sgt. Miller believes, despite his conviction and sentence of life in prison for the murder of this Afghan insurgent, that he was acting solely in self-defense and with sound judgment.

In addition to the above from the Free Derrick Miller website, there is this at dcxposed:

“Prosecuting attorney Major Matt Calarco claimed Miller’s actions weren’t in line with military protocol, painting him as a murderer instead of a soldier defending himself and his unit.

Specialist Charles Miller, an eyewitness, Guardsman, and owner of the firearm that was eventually used to kill the combatant, testified that he had heard Miller threatening to kill the man if he didn’t tell the truth. He also testified that Mr Miller straddled the man, who was lying on his back “in the latrine,” before shooting him in the head.

But during an Article 32 hearing, which is similar to a civilian grand jury, Spc. Miller testified that Sgt. Miller was a “squared away” soldier who acted “reasonably in pressure situations.”

“I wouldn’t question his judgment if he believed the use of deadly force was necessary,” Charles Miller said.

In addition to the eyewitness testimony of Charles Miller, all five of the other soldiers who testified, including his commanding officer, described Derrick Miller as a model soldier:

“I observed him on a daily basis,” 1st Lt. Joseph R. Costello said. “In my 18 years of service, Sgt. Miller was one of the best soldiers I had. In combat, he displays excellent judgment.” End dcxposed quotes

The point is, three Afghan civilians penetrated a No Go Red Zone. If our warriors were allowed to fight the fight, and protect our men, the three intruders would have died then and there.

Washington Times, December 2013:

The number of U.S. battlefield fatalities exceeded the rate at which troop strength surged in 2009 and 2010, prompting national security analysts to assert that coinciding stricter rules of engagement led to more deaths.

A connection between the sharp increase in American deaths and restrictive rules of engagement is difficult to confirm. More deaths surely stemmed from ramped-up counterterrorism raids and the Taliban’s response with more homemade bombs, the No. 1 killer of NATO forces inAfghanistan.

But it is clear that the rules of engagement, which restrain troops from firing in order to spare civilian casualties, cut back on airstrikes and artillery strikes — the types of support that protect troops during raids and ambushes.

In Afghanistan, the [rules of engagement] that were put in place in 2009 and 2010 have created hesitation and confusion for our war fighters,” said Wayne Simmons, a retired U.S. intelligence officer who worked in NATO headquarters in Kabul as the rules took effect, first under Army Gen. Stanley M. McChrystal, then Army Gen. David H. Petraeus.

“It is no accident nor a coincidence that from January 2009 to August of 2010, coinciding with the Obama/McChrystal radical change of the [rules of engagement], casualties more than doubled,”Mr. Simmons said. “The carnage will certainly continue as the already fragile and ineffective [rules] have been further weakened by the Obama administration as if they were playground rules.




Sgt. Miller’s Military Career:

? Enlisted in the Army National Guard.

? Immediately after Infantry OSUT, he reported to the Maryland Army National Guard and was assigned to 1st Battalion, 175th Infantry Regiment.

? Soon after his graduation ceremony, his unit deployed to Iraq. Derrick deployed with 1-175IN in May 2007.

? During this first tour in Iraq Derrick served as an M240B and M2 .50 cal. Gunner at FOB Q-West. His unit’s mission was FOB security, Vehicle Search Lanes, ECP Duties, Security for Third Country National Logistics Contractors, and QRF.

? Derrick earned his Combat Infantryman Badge on that deployment during a QRF mission to seize an enemy weapons cache and capture insurgents in the area.

? He returned to his family in April 2008. Derrick was saddened to learn that a number of friends he had been deployed with committed suicide as a result of the things they had seen and done during their tour.

? Derrick left in July 2008 to volunteer with the Indiana Army National Guard to deploy again to Iraq. During that deployment he served as an MK 19 and .50 caliber Gunner and an ASV Driver with 1st Battalion, 152d CAV. The unit’s primary mission was to conduct supply convoys throughout our AOR, including areas like Ramadi, Fallujah, and Baghdad. That tour he saw his first significant experience with friendly casualties. His unit frequently came under attack from IEDs and RPG ambushes. He saw a number of friends seriously wounded, but thankfully they all came home. Derrick returned from that deployment in December 2008.

? During the time following his second deployment, Derrick returned to the Maryland Army National Guard and was made a squad leader in an infantry platoon as a Specialist. He graduated from Air Assault School and spent a great deal of time away from home for training. Derrick also took a job as a Department of the Army Security Guard at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

? …Derrick volunteered to mobilize with the Connecticut Army National Guard to Afghanistan, where he served from November 2009 until October 2010 with D Company, 1st Battalion, 102d Infantry Regiment, attached to 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). He was a member of a heavy weapons platoon and served as a M240B, MK 19, and M2 .50 caliber Gunner.

…Derrick qualified as expert on every weapon system and was named the Battalion “Top Gun” on the M240B. His unit was first assigned to Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, to conduct security and stability operations in the AOR. The unit frequently came under attack by IEDs, indirect fire and suicide bombers.

…his unit moved to FOB Kalagush in Nuristan Province. There, as a small heavy weapons company, they were responsible for being the only maneuver element in a very large battle space.

In August 2010, Derrick was promoted to Sergeant and made a Team Leader in the platoon where he was involved a great deal more in the planning and execution of operations and began leading dismounted patrols. They were under almost constant attack from heavy machine guns, mortars, RPGs, rockets, and attempts to infiltrate the FOB. On multiple occasions they were aware of supposedly friendly Afghan Security Guards aiding the enemy in directing fire on the FOB. The FOB Motor Pool and Armor Room were both burned to the ground during a nighttime rocket attack, which was followed by an attack by mortars and small arms. Members of his unit were awarded approximately eleven purple hearts within a span of two months.

? Derrick was deployed three times within three years, and spent two years in detainment and is now incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth, Ks.

There are things we can do. We can all make calls, write letters, email and fax our U.S. Representatives. For inspiration, watch the video linked below with Dana Loesch and Beverly Perlson.

Video: Dana Loesch with Beverly Perlson, founder of Band of Mothers, a group of “mother advocates” for our Military – compelling info on the story here.



VA Budget Under Obama: 68% Increase, Veterans Still Waiting Up To Four Months To Get Help Amid Corruption And Sloth


Veterans_Affairs_OIG_1-791x1024Since Barack Obama entered the Oval Office, the Veteran’s Affairs budget has increased nearly 68 percent. No doubt the need is great, and I wouldn’t think of objecting to funds spent for healing our military, but the question looms: are the shiny new buildings competently staffed, and are appointments timely–far more timely than what we’ve seen in the past? Caring for our veterans is our most important monetary obligation, right after keeping the nation safe and secure. The $3.3 BILLION spent in the fiscal years 2010-2015, will either give our vets beautiful new structures, and more efficient and timely care, or just beautiful new structures, more bureaucracy and continued sloth and corruption.

November 2014: 600,000 vets wait a month or longer for care (1 in 10 veterans). Twenty three thousand of the “most severely affected veterans” were waiting more than four months for an appointment, as of October 2014. This map shows a majority of veterans wait 30-60 days for an appointment, and when you’re ill, 30 days is bad enough. Sixty days is atrocious.


Former Senator (Dr.) Tom Coburn, June 2014:

Other parts of Coburn’s report highlight failures to hold individual employees accountable for criminal conduct, billing personal expenses to the government, chronically failing to show up for work or retaliating against whistleblowers.

More money is not the solution, Coburn said, noting that VA is expected to end the 2014 fiscal year with $5.9 billion in unspent funds…

Four VA construction projects have combined cost overruns of $1.5 billion, and construction delays run between 14 and 74 months. The VA medical facilities are, on average, 35 months behind schedule and $360 million over budget.

VA spent almost $500 million in less than five years on “office makeovers,” including $6.8 million to build one conference room in Illinois, $1.8 million for office furniture in Puerto Rico and $10.7 million for curtains and draperies nationwide.

In July 2011, VA established two employment call centers to recruit veteran employees. An IG investigation found that while the center cost $2.2 million to operate in 2012, call center employees each handled an average of only 2.4 calls per day…

Doctors at the VA have it easy compared to their private-sector counterparts, according to Coburn.

The 10 highest-paid federal employees work at the VA, with more than 1,000 physicians making more than $300,000 per year.

In Phoenix, for example, 13 VA employees made more than $300,000 annually, including one orthopedic surgeon drawing more than $357,000. That is almost double the average income for doctors in Arizona, according to Coburn’s report.

VA employs almost 19,000 full-time physicians nationwide.

Yet VA doctors see far fewer patients than their counterparts in the private sector, Coburn said. An average primary care physician in private practice has a caseload of about 2,300 patients. For VA doctors, it’s about 1,200.


The Veteran Administration maintains a culture of corruption that allows managers to grievously violate rules and laws with little or no punishment. Source: Daily Caller, September 29, 2014

Susan Taylor, Former Veterans Affairs Procurement Officer

When there is fraud in procurement, you can bet it’s costing veterans, dearly. VA whistleblowers are assaulted with “extensive retaliation.” And how about “fraud” in the “Procurement and Logistics Office?” Consider the case of Susan Taylor:

The 82-page [Inspector General] report shows that Taylor used her office for private gain in awarding a contract to FedBid, a reverse auction service, whose executives also interfered in the process by preventing the VA from operating in an honest and impartial manner.

Here’s how they went after a whistleblower:

According to a shocking revelation from the inspector general, FedBid, in its own words, planned to “‘storm the castle,’ use a ‘heavy-handed- puncher,’ to ‘rally the troops up on the Hill,’ have ‘enough top cover to overwhelm,’ to ‘unleash the hounds,’ to ‘assassinate [Mr. Frye’s] character and discredit him,’ and to keep ‘close hold’ of nonpublic information.’”

This came after Jan Frye, VA deputy assistant secretary in the Office of Acquisition and Logistics, pushed back against the use of reverse auctions twice.

She also lied under oath, and she lied to the Inspector General’s office.

The VA referred the case to the DOJ. The DOJ refused to prosecute. In October 2014, I find news articles reporting that the process of firing Taylor had begun (not an easy process, by-the-way), but in the end, she retired, or was “allowed” to retire, which likely means she can be rehired by the government.


Sharon Helman, Phoenix VA, Over the holidays, revelations came forward that the Sharon Helman scandal had a lot to do with classic VA corruption and secret gifts like fully paid vacations to Disneyland. For example, Helman was given a week’s vacation to Disneyland, tickets to a Beyonce concert, and a tour around Sedona wine country. Click the photo for more.

Is there any chance taxpayers ARE NOT getting gouged for construction, and in turn, veterans gouged, both as taxpayers, and patients needing care and comfort, NOW?

And how many high-priced paper-pushers, like Robin Paul, are employed at the VA? Robin Paul was a “social worker,” or “manager.”It took public outrage for Paul to lose her job after she allegedly sent a photo of a Christmas “elf” begging for Xanax, and another committing suicide by hanging–with a string of Christmas light. Robin Paul managed theSeamless Transition Integration Care Clinic for veterans at Roudebush Medical Center in Indianapolis. Would you want Paul in charge of your loved one’s “transition” and “integration” into treatment? Wait and watch. We have no vaccines to keep these parasites out of the system–they find ways to get back behind a desk. We need accountability, and I’m guessing we need far few administrators, managers, and lackeys.

Photo Courtesy of America’s Freedom Fighters. Click the photo to visit

In 2011, large bonuses were still going to VA facilities that routinely lied about scheduling

Two-thirds of employees at the Department of Veteran Affairs, which has been the subject of widespread criticism for its excessive delays in providing veterans their benefits, received bonuses at the end of 2011 for “excellent” or “outstanding” performance. Additionally, employees at some of the department’s most ineffective offices were more likely to receive bonuses than workers at some of its most productive offices. The VA’s regional office in Oakland, Calif., gave about 90 percent of its employees bonuses despite having to temporarily shut down operations to retrain its underperforming workers and, in a Baltimore office, about 40 percent of workers receive a bonus despite the office’s having the longest wait time nationally, according to a News21 investigation. Yet, at the Sioux Falls, S.D., office, which processes claims up to four times more efficiently than Oakland, less than a tenth of its employees saw a bonus, the same investigation found. Source: National Review

Blame it on the sequester budgetary cuts? No. Remember that Republicans objected to “across the board” cuts, and wanted to prioritize where funding dollars were spent. Sensible, wouldn’t you think? But Democrats wouldn’t have it.

I remember the horror stories coming out of Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC)? Dirt, rats, toxic mold on the walls of patient’s rooms at our nation’s then-premier military installation. How could the budget be so inadequate that a hospital once famous, now infamous, drops to the low point of mouse droppings and toxic mold, in what should be a sterile environment? It defies explanation, other than sloth and corruption.








Veterans: Robin Paul Receives Salary Of $80K + Bonus, But Mocks Vet Suicide

Indianapolis VA employee, Robin Paul – suspended for mocking Veteran’s Suicides

Every employee of the Veteran’s Affairs Department should be a former member of the military. Look at what this female Roudebush Medical Center “manager,” in Indianapolis put into an email. Robin Paul still has her, almost, $80K a year job.

robin paul mocked vets suicide 002The email obtained by The Indianapolis Star contains photographs of a toy Christmas elf posing as a patient in what appears to be the hospital’s transitional clinic for returning veterans. In one photograph, the elf pleads for Xanax. In another, he hangs himself with an electrical cord.

The woman who sent the email is Robin Paul, a licensed social worker who manages the hospital’s Seamless Transition Integrated Care Clinic. The clinic provides returning veterans with transition assistance, including mental health and readjustment services…

The email obtained by The Indianapolis Star contains photographs of a toy Christmas elf posing as a patient in what appears to be the hospital’s transitional clinic for returning veterans. In one photograph, the elf pleads for Xanax. In another, he hangs himself with an electrical cord.

The woman who sent the email is Robin Paul, a licensed social worker who manages the hospital’s Seamless Transition Integrated Care Clinic. The clinic provides returning veterans with transition assistance, including mental health and readjustment services. Source: Stars & Stripes

She apologized. Don’t they all?





U.S. Christian Warriors In Iraq: Dwekh Nawsha – Keeping The Church Bells Ringing

Former U.S. Military, Christian Soldier in Iraq Photo Courtesy of Ayman Oghanna /THE WASHINGTON POST, and STARS AND STRIPES



A former U.S. soldier, who calls himself the “King of Nineveh,” is interviewed in Iraq, “in a makeshift military headquarters.” He says he wants to “keep the church bells of Iraq ringing:”

“Jesus tells us what you do unto the least of them, you do unto me,” said the 28-year-old from Detroit, who served an extended tour in Iraq in 2006 and 2007 and asked for his surname not to be published to protect his family at home. “I couldn’t sit back and watch what was happening, women being raped and sold wholesale.”

So in December he traveled to northern Iraq, where he joined a growing band of foreigners leaving their lives in the West behind to fight with newly formed Christian militias. The leaders of those militias say they’ve been swamped with hundreds of requests from veterans and volunteers from around the world who want to join them….

Brett’s group, Dwekh Nawsha, which means “self-sacrifice” in Aramaic, the ancient language spoken by Jesus, has only six Westerners among its 200 Iraqi Assyrian Christian fighters. ButEmanuel Khoshaba Youkhana, the secretary general of the Assyrian Patriotic Party, which funds the group, says more than 900 other foreigners have been in touch to find out how to join. Read more  at Stars & Stripes.

Note the words “Assyrian Patriotic Party” in the paragraph above.




Obama versus Obama: Then & Now

Obama vs Obama
Obama vs Obama

In 2011, when it was politically expedient for him, President Obama bragged about getting all the troops out of Iraq.

“As a candidate for President, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end — for the sake of our national security and to strengthen American leadership around the world.  After taking office, I announced a new strategy that would end our combat mission in Iraq and remove all of our troops by the end of 2011.
As Commander-in-Chief, ensuring the success of this strategy has been one of my highest national security priorities.  Last year, I announced the end to our combat mission in Iraq.  And to date, we’ve removed more than 100,000 troops.  Iraqis have taken full responsibility for their country’s security.”

But that was 2011, fast forward to 2014 and surprise, surprise, it was somebody else’s decision to pull US troops out of Iraq.

“We offered a modest residual force to help continue to train and advise Iraqi security forces. We had a core requirement which we require in any situation where we have U.S. troops overseas, and that is that they are provided immunity,” he explained. “The Iraqi government and prime minister Maliki declined to provide us that immunity.”

So we would have left troops in that country, but Maliki said no.


Well, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) says otherwise.

Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) insisted Wednesday that his opponents who say Iraq did not want U.S. troops to remain after 2011 are lying.

McCain told PBS, “Our opponents and those who want to justify this colossal failure that has caused the greatest threat to United States national security since the end of the Cold War, they’re trying to justify it by saying that Maliki didn’t want American troops there.”

He’s never responsible.

He’s never wrong,

He never makes a bad decision.

It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

We have elected into the highest office in the land, a lying, self-serving, oily, Chicago thug politician who will throw any and everyone under the bus in the service of his own agenda.


SpForces Retrieve Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban – Exchanged for 5 Gitmo Prisoners


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, at age 23, went missing from his base in Afghanistan on July 1, 2009. Shortly after, the Taliban released a video showing Bergdahl and his i.d. tags. It is believed Bergdahl left the base willingly, for some yet unknown reason. He reportedly did not leave with a weapon. Bergdahl is in U.S. custody today, being treated in Germany. Our Special Forces retrieved him, in what is referred to as a “peaceful handoff.”

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

UPDATE 1:32 pm, CDT: Fox is confirming that it was the Haqqani faction of the Taliban holding Sgt. Bergdahl. Horrible, horrible people!

The circumstances of Bergdahl’s capture have not been clear.

On July 2, two U.S. officials told the AP the soldier had “just walked off” his base with three Afghans after his shift. He had no body armor or weapon and they said they had no explanation for why he left. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

On July 6, the Taliban claimed on their Web site that five days earlier “a drunken American soldier had come out of his garrison” and was captured by mujahadeen.

In the video, Sgt. Bergdahl said he was lagging behind a patrol when he was captured. Source: Michelle Malkin, July 20, 2009

ABC is reporting that, now-28-years-old Sgt. Bergdahl’s release came after five Guantanamo Bay prisoners were released in exchange.

His freedom was secured in exchange for the release of five prisoners from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who said on Saturday that Bergdahl is now under the care of the U.S. military.

At about 10:30 a.m. ET, U.S. special forces recovered Bergdahl from his captors, in a peaceful handoff in eastern Afghanistan, a senior Defense official told ABC News, recounting the operation. About 18 Taliban were preseng [sic]. Source: ABC News

The Government of Qatar, “especially” the Amir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, played a role in getting Bergdahl out of Afghanistan (so says Secretary of State John Kerry, who didn’t mention the prisoner exchange, but did mention his own service).


Military Spouse Creates Incredible Military Art With Cake Batter & Fondant


I found a pic of this incredible cake from Janet’s Cakes, on this Facebook page. Janet Brown is an Army military spouse. She and her hubby have been moving around the world for 19 years. For now, she is not taking orders as they are moving to Korea, and yes, she gets to go. I’m not sure where she is located, but her banner shows Pennsylvania, Maryland and DC. Here are just a few of Janet’s masterpieces. Click the photos to visit, and look for the many other cake categories besides military.

US Army
US Army
United States Marines
United States Marines
US Air Force
US Air Force
US Navy
US Navy
Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower Cake

Over A Dozen House-Passed VA Reform Bills Sitting on Harry Reid’s Desk

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN)

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) interviewed with Larry O’Connor, WMAL radio in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, May 21st. Get this: she serves on the House Veteran’s Affairs committee and says over the last 18 months, the House has passed dozens of reform bills for the VA, some bi-partisan, none of which have made it to the floor of the Senate — meaning Harry Reid killed them, didn’t give Senators the opportunity to even consider them. Can we say anything other than Harry Reid may have killed those 40 or more veterans who were not treated, and may kill more as diseases have advanced during this time? There is only one reason not to bring legislation to the floor after it is passed and received from the House, and that is to keep the intent of the bill from happening — in this case, improving the VA. Video of the interview below.


O’CONNOR: Are your colleagues in the House doing something about this decades-old problem so we can get something done for the vets?

REP WALORSKI: In the past 18 months, since I’ve been a member of Congress, we’ve passed, on the House floor, at least 12 reform VA bills. Mandating the VA to fix different things, mandating the VA to report different things, mandating them to fix their website, bipartisan bills that went to the Senate, and they are DOA on the Senate side

Dead on arrival, Walorski said, “Harry Reid has not moved one of these bills.”

May 22, 2014, Barack Obama (read more):

“You’ll hear if you watch the nightly news or you read the newspapers that, well, there’s gridlock, Congress is broken, approval ratings for Congress are terrible.  And there’s a tendency to say, a plague on both your houses.  But the truth of the matter is that the problem in Congress is very specific.  We have a group of folks in the Republican Party who have taken over who are so ideologically rigid, who are so committed to an economic theory that says if folks at the top do very well then everybody else is somehow going to do well; who deny the science of climate change; who don’t think making investments in early childhood education makes sense; who have repeatedly blocked raising a minimum wage so if you work full-time in this country you’re not living in poverty; who scoff at the notion that we might have a problem with women not getting paid for doing the same work that men are doing. ~ Barack Obama

Not a word about Veterans.

November 2013 (7 months ago) Barack Obama:

“Obstruction,” “abuse,” “harmful” — Obama used them all to describe what Republicans in the Senate have been doing by filibustering his nominees. But his takeaway was even simpler: it’s just wrong.

“It’s not what our Founders envisioned,” he said. “A deliberate and determined effort to obstruct everything, no matter what the merits, just to refight the results of an election is not normal.” ~ Barack Obama

Remember, there’s only one reason for not bringing a bill the House has passed to the Senate floor for consideration. In this administration, the motive is largely treason. The Democrat caucus has waged war against the America people — the little people, and has consistently given aid and comfort to those who have killed and maimed our military. It’s not difficult to understand.

H/T Kathleen Coad O’Brien, Weasel Zippers

Radio Host Larry O’Connor interview with Rep. Jackie Walorski on Veterans Affairs (video)


Ben Carson: A Run for Presidency? Message to Carson: AK-47s Don’t Mow People Down, People Mow People Down


The lesson here is summed up in Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). I believe Dr. Ben Carson is a very smart man, good to the core, honorable, decent, but I believe he, like many others, will falter when it comes to an issue close and dear to his heart. In this case, I consider black children dying in Chicago and Detroit to be an emotional issue for him, as it is for all of us. Dr. Carson believes some people should not have Second Amendment rights. Senator Rubio promised to secure the border before any “immigration reform,” but it the flick of an eye that changed when he willing joined the Gang of 8 shortly after arriving on Capitol Hill. Rubio is the son of immigrants. Rubio was the one person I believed would never falter, but he did, and he did it in a devastating way. Rubio wasn’t “worn-down,” by his senior members of the Senate. My skepticism of Dr. Carson began with his Second Amendment remarks. I believe, unlike Rubio, he means what he says and we should pay attention.


dr. benjamin carson
Dr. Benjamin “Ben” Carson

“When asked by Glenn Beck if people should be allowed to own semi-automatic weapons, Dr. Benjamin Carson said: “It depends on where you live. I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it.” (Glenn Beck Show, March 1, 2013)

Former Republican Congressman and football legend, J.C. Watts, voted for Barack Obama at least the first time, according to comments he made to Sean Hannity. Conservative analyst on Fox Business, Charles Payne, voted for Obama the first time. The point is, conservative blacks yearn for an honorable black leader, so they either did not read Barack Obama’s history, or they read it an ignored it. Two very smart, men who voted for someone who clearly did not share the historic idea of America.

There should be no confusion about the Second Amendment for any candidate for the Oval Office, on either side of the aisle. I trust no one who says what Dr. Carson said, to lead as president.

…it’s no secret that Dr. Carson is a proponent of restricting the Second Amendment to an extent, as he has on several occasions been more than vocal about his views when it comes to the contentious topic of gun control. This is the one area where his views don’t align with many conservatives who feel that there’s already strict enough laws regarding firearms and think that anything further would be a major infringement on our rights. Source: Mr. Conservative

From Mr. Conservative, in the same article linked above:

According to Ben Carson, Americans should reconsider whether or not they want neighborhood watchmen carrying firearms after what happened in Florida between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

According to the DailyCaller, in his new book titled “One Nation: What We Can Do To Save America’s Future,” the esteemed neurosurgeon lamented that “Though the days of legalized segregation are over, racist bigotry and prejudice still exist today, both in overt and covert ways.

“I can remember times when I would be walking in a white neighborhood and in short order a police car would show up, undoubtedly summoned by a concerned onlooker. Unfortunately, this and worse still happens today, as evidenced by the Trayvon Martin case. ”

He continued with his story, blaming Martin’s race for Zimmerman’s actions and explaining how Zimmerman “shot and killed Martin after an altercation.”

Today, Breitbart is quoting Carson:

“Do you think the Supreme Court was wrong when it found that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep arms in Washington, D.C., and Chicago?” Taranto asked.

“I truly believe in Second Amendment rights,” Carson said. “I would never advocate anything to interfere with Second Amendment rights; however, I do think we have to be intelligent.”

He said his point in saying that was to address situations–like in Detroit–where people with AK-47s are mowing people down.

“We need to engage in a discussion about, ‘Is there something we can do?’” Carson said before saying that “we have to keep in mind that law-abiding American citizens absolutely should have gun rights.”

Maybe the example above about AK-47s is the author’s view of what Carson was intimating. If that’s the case, I believe that is exactly what Carson was intimating. We must not ignore this:

“It depends on where you live. I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it.”

There is a place for Ben Carson in our government. I would love to see him in high places, as head as of Health and Human Services, for example, but not as president.

We must have a president who will clean house immediately. The State Department needs to be emptied and re-staffed. Bush failed to do so — look where we are today. The next Commander-in-Chief must meet with military commanders and announce that the past 8 years of political correctness is gone. The Department of Homeland Security must be dismantled and rebuilt in some smaller fashion with true protectors of U.S. security and the Constitution in charge. The CIA and FBI must have a new mission, ObamaCare must be repealed. I can go and on but you know the drill.

Here’s the question, who do you believe to be strong enough to stand-up and do all of the above?


Ted Cruz Report 4, List of 76 Lawless Obama Abuses of Power + Reports 1, 2 and 3

Ted Cruz The Legal Limit Report
Ted Cruz The Legal Limit Report


Senator Ted Cruz has published the “The Legal Limit Report, No. 4,” documenting the Obama administration’s lawless abuses of power. Each is footnoted. See the footnotes and the actual report here.  Also below, see snippets of Reports 1, 2 and 3. All emphasis below is mine.


Governing by Executive Fiat

1. Disregarded 1996 welfare reform law in granting broad work waivers for work requirements of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

2. Implemented portions of the DREAM Act, which Congress rejected, by executive action.

3. Ended some terror asylum restrictions, by allowing asylum for people who provided only “insignificant” or “limited” material support of terrorists.

4. Allowed immigrants in the U.S. illegally, who are relatives of military troops and veterans, to stay in the country and get legal status.

5. Extended federal marriage benefits by recognizing, under federal law, same-sex marriages created in a state that allows same-sex marriage even if the couple is living in a state that doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage.

6. Recognized same-sex marriage in Utah, even though the Supreme Court stayed the court order recognizing same-sex marriage in Utah and Utah said it would not recognize same-sex marriages performed before the stay.

7. Refused to prosecute violation of drug laws with certain mandatory minimums.

8. Issued signing statements, refusing to enforce parts of congressional-enacted statutes.

9. Illegally refused to act on Yucca Mountain’s application to become a nuclear waste repository.

National Security

1. Falsely portrayed the Benghazi terrorist attack as a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim YouTube video, and then lied about the White House’s involvement.

2. Illegally revealed the existence of sealed indictments in the Benghazi investigation.

3. Failed to enforce the Magnitsky Act as required by law, by not adding Russian human rights abusers to a list of people not permitted to travel to or do business in the U.S.

4. Killed four Americans overseas in counterterrorism operations without judicial process.

5. Continued to give Egypt aid after the military took over its government, even though federal law prohibits aid to Egypt in the event of a coup.


1. Granted a “hardship” exemption from the individual mandate for people whose health plans were canceled because their plans weren’t Obamacare compliant.

2. Delayed the individual mandate for two years.

3. Allowed individuals to buy health insurance plans in 2014 that did not comply with Obamacare. Extended this delay until 2016—past the mid-term elections.

4. Extended the deadline to enroll in Obamacare.

5. Illegally granted businesses a waiver from Obamacare’s employer mandate. Twice.

6. Illegally continued the Obamacare employer contribution for congressional staffs.

7. Illegally delayed the Obamacare caps on out-of-pocket healthcare payments.

8. Illegally delayed Obamacare verification of eligibility for healthcare subsidies.

9. Illegally required people to violate their faith via the Obamacare contraception mandate.

10. As of May 2011, over 50% of Obamacare waiver beneficiaries were union members (who account for less than 12% of the American work force).


1. Ordered Boeing to fire 1,000 employees in South Carolina and shut down a new factory because it was non-union.

2. Implemented a moratorium on offshore drilling after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill without statutory authority, and continued to enact new versions after federal courts
repeatedly invalidated the moratorium.

3. Treated secured creditors worse than unsecured creditors in the Chrysler bankruptcy.

4. Terminated the pensions of 20,000 non-union Delphi employees in the GM bankruptcy.

5. Had SWAT teams raid a Gibson guitar factory and seize property, on the purported basis that Gibson had broken India’s environmental laws—but no charges were filed.

6. Government agencies are engaging in “Operation Choke Point,” where the government asks banks to “choke off” access to financial services for customers engaging in conduct
the Administration does not like—such as “ammunition sales.”

Executive Nominees and Personnel

1. Made illegal “recess” appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board when Congress wasn’t in recess. Ignored the rulings of
three federal courts of appeals that held those nominations unconstitutional

2. Appointed czars to oversee federal policy specifically because czars do not require Senate confirmation, earning criticism from stalwart Democrats such as West Virginia Sen.
Robert Byrd and Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold.

3. As of January 2012, 36 of the President’s executive office staff owed $833,970 in back taxes.

4. As of 2011, 311,566 federal employees or retirees owed $3.5 billion in taxes.

Free Speech and Privacy

1. Illegally targeted conservative groups for heightened IRS scrutiny.

2. Circumvented the Freedom of Information Act, by requiring White House Counsel review of all documents to be released under the Freedom of Information Act that the Administration believed pertained to “White House equities”—and then delayed in producing many of these documents by FOIA’s statutory deadline, or didn’t produce them at all.

3. Got secret permission from the FISA Court to reverse restrictions on the National Security Agency’s use of intercepted phone calls and emails, permitting the NSA to
search American’s communications in its databases.

4. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is seeking to monitor about 80% of U.S. credit card transactions.

5. Targeted Fox News reporter James Rosen by falsely labeling him a possible “co-conspirator” in a criminal investigation of a new leak.

6. Secretly obtained phone records from staff at the Associated Press.

7. Had meetings with lobbyists in coffee shops near White House to avoid disclosure requirements.

Other Lawless Acts

1. Aided drug cartels instead of enforcing immigration laws—as found by a federal judge. Border Patrol agents, multiple times, knowingly helped smuggle illegal immigrant children into the U.S.; “the DHS is encouraging parents to seriously jeopardize the safety of their children.”

2. Illegally sold thousands of guns to criminals, in the operation known as Fast and Furious, and then refused to comply with congressional subpoenas about the operation.

3. Dismissed charges filed by Bush Administration against New Black Panther Party members who were videotaped intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station during the 2008 election.

4. Argued for expansive federal powers in the Supreme Court, which has rejected the Administration’s arguments unanimously 9 times since January 2012.

5. Sued Louisiana to stop school vouchers and keep low-income minorities trapped in failing schools.

6. Threatened to arrest military priests for practicing their faith during the partial government shutdown.

7. Muzzled the speech of military chaplains.

8. Sued fire departments saying their multiple-choice, open-book written employment tests were racially discriminatory.

9. Gave 23,994 tax refunds worth more than $46 million to aliens here illegally using the same address in Atlanta, GA.

Other Abuses of Power

1. Released a mentally ill Guantanamo detainee, who had been a high-risk al Qaeda fighter in jihad combat since the 1980s.

2. Backed release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi.

3. President Obama told NASA administrator to “find a way to reach out to the Muslim world.”

4. Claimed the Fort Hood shooting was “workplace violence” rather than terrorism.

5. Signed a stimulus bill that spent money on bonuses for AIG executives, and then acted shocked and outraged at the bonuses.

6. Gave $535 million to Solyndra, which went bankrupt; Solyndra shareholders and officials made substantial donations to Obama’s campaign.

7. Reneged on a campaign promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term in office.

8. Increased the national debt more in one term than President Bush did in two terms.

9. Extended mortgage assistance to people who bought multiple homes during the housing bubble.

10. Proposed rules that would have decimated family farms, by prohibiting children under 18 from doing many forms of farm work.

11. Former “safe schools czar” has written about his past drug abuse and advocated promoting homosexuality in schools.

12. Nominated Timothy Geithner—who had significant tax issues —to head the Treasury Department, which enforces tax laws.

13. Reneged on campaign promise to broadcast healthcare reform negotiations on C-SPAN.

14. Reneged on a campaign promise to wait five days before signing any non-emergency bill (at least 10 times during first 3 months in office).

15. Unilaterally, increased the minimum wage for federal contract workers from $7.25 to $10.10, via executive order.

16. Cancelled all White House tours after sequestration—purportedly saving $18,000 per week—even though President Obama had spent more than $1 million in tax money to
golf with Tiger Woods one weekend a few weeks before.

17. Adopted pro-union “ambush election” rules.

18. Pressured Ford to pull an anti-auto-bailout TV ad.

19. Actively, aided in George Zimmerman protests.

20. Tried to seize a privately owned motel when guests used illegal drugs at the motel.

21. Shut down the Amber Alert website, while keeping up Let’s Move website, during the partial government shutdown.

22. Gave supervised release to a convicted criminal (an alien here illegally) who later killed a nun in a DUI.

23. Shut down an Amish farm for selling fresh unpasteurized milk across state lines.

24. Spent $7 million per household in “stimulus funds” to connect a few Montana households to the Internet.

25. Spent $205,075 in “stimulus” funds to relocate a shrub that sells for $16.

26. Fired an inspector general after investigating an $850,000 AmeriCorps grant received by a nonprofit run by former NBA star and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson (now mayor of

From the Cruz Legal Limit Report 1

If the Department of Justice had won these cases [below], the federal government would be able to electronically track all of our movements, fine us without a fair hearing, dictate who churches choose as ministers, displace state laws based on the President’s whims, bring debilitating lawsuits against individuals based on events that occurred years ago, and destroy a person’s private property without just compensation.

If Obama’s Department of Justice were successful in its cases [see summaries here], the federal government would have the power to:

• Attach a GPS to a citizen’s vehicle to monitor his movements, without having any cause to believe that person committed a crime (United States v. Jones);

• Deprive landowners of the right to challenge potential government fines as high as $75,000 per day and eliminate their ability to have a hearing to challenge those fines (Sackett v. EPA);

• Interfere with a church’s selection of its own ministers (Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church & School v. EEOC);

• Override state law whenever the President desires (Arizona v. United States);

• Dramatically extend statutes of limitations to impose penalties for acts committed decades ago (Gabelli v. SEC);

• Destroy private property without paying just compensation (Arkansas Fish & Game Commission v. United States);

• Impose double income taxation (PPL Corp. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue);

• Limit a property owner’s constitutional defenses (Horne v. USDA); and

• Drastically expand federal criminal law (Sekhar v. United States).

View the Legal Limit Report No. 2 here. It deals mainly with ObamaCare.

The Legal Limit Report No. 3

1. Obamacare’s conditions on Medicaid funding are unconstitutional. NFIB v. Sebelius, 132 S. Ct. 2566 (2012).

2. The Department of Justice imposed unconstitutional preclearance on Texas’s redistricting plans. Texas v. United States, 133 S. Ct. 2885 (2013).

3. The Department of Interior imposed an unlawful moratorium on offshore drilling. Texas v. U.S. Dep’t of Interior, No. 2:10-cv-02949 (E.D. La.).

4. Obama Administration’s EPA tried to expand its power by regulating greenhouse gases. Texas v. EPA, No. 12-1269 (U.S. Supreme Court).

5. The Department of Education illegally withheld from Texas $830 million in educational funding. Texas v. U.S. Dep’t of Educ., No. 10-60793 (5th Cir.).

6. EPA tried to override Texas’s program for incentivizing facilities to voluntarily comply with air permitting regulations. Texas v. EPA, 690 F.3d 670 (5th Cir. 2012).

7. EPA unlawfully blocked Texas’s air permitting program.
Luminant Generation Co. v. EPA, 675 F.3d 917 & 490 F. App’x 657 (5th Cir. 2012).

8. EPA illegally imposed a cross-state air pollution rule.
EPA v. EME Homer City Generation L.P., No. 12-1182 (U.S. Supreme Court).

9. Department of Commerce agency unlawfully promulgated an “emergency” fishing rule in the Gulf of Mexico. Texas v. Crabtree, 2013 WL 2407674 (S.D. Tex. 2013).

10. Federal energy agency illegally ordered pipelines to report intrastate business activities. Tex. Pipeline Ass’n v. FERC, 661 F.3d 258 (5th Cir. 2011).

These ten cases will not be the final chapter in the Obama Administration’s assault on Texas. Texas has additional lawsuits pending against this Administration, including:

• A challenge to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s unlawful hiring guidelines that prevent employers, like Texas, from categorically excluding convicted
felons from employment (Texas v. EEOC, No. 5:13-cv-0255-C (N.D. Tex.));

• A lawsuit to require EPA to designate areas of the country as complying with national air quality standards, after EPA missed the deadlines for doing so under the Clean Air Act (North Dakota v. EPA, No. 1:13-cv-00109-CSM (D.N.D.));

• An action brought by 12 States against EPA, seeking to gain access under the Freedom of Information Act to documents between EPA officials and environmental groups (Oklahoma v. EPA, No. 5:2013-cv-00726 (W.D. Okla.));

• A challenge to Title II of Dodd-Frank, which gives the Treasury Secretary and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation unilateral authority to take over and liquidate large financial institutions (State Nat’l Bank of Big Spring v. Lew, No. 1:12-cv-01032 (D.D.C.)—notice of appeal filed with D.C. Cir.); and

• A case challenging EPA’s designation of Wise County as an ozone non-attainment area (Texas v. EPA, No. 12-1316 (D.C. Cir.)).

Read the details of the cases in Report No. 3 here.


US Military Tells Troops Not to Criticize Pedophilia, or Advocate for Women’s Rights? Tammies Are Silent



This is the tale of a story, and an non-story that is part of the story.  Recently, the US Military released proposed guides for troops suggesting that part of not being tolerant of Islam involves criticizing pedophilia, and supporting the rights of women.  That’s right, criticizing pedophilia and supporting the rights of women is apparently intolerant!  Cain TV has more…

According to the proposed manual:

“Many of the confrontations occur because of [coalition] ignorance of, or lack of empathy for, Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norms, resulting in a violent reaction from the [Afghan security force] member”

This sort of “when in Rome” mindset might not be so bad, if it ended there.  After all, when your military is stationed in a foreign country, the ‘hearts and minds’ argument comes into play.  However, the journal includes a list of taboo topics that will likely make the average American’s blood boil.

According to one passage, U.S. troops should be careful about espousing their values.  The list of things that might get them killed includes: 

 “Making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism toward Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam.”

Seriously?  Our troops are too anti-pedophilia and too pro-women’s rights?

These aren’t simply “American values.”  These are obvious, rudimentary, human rights.  Clamping down the condemnation of child rape because of some idiotic cultural relativism is absolutely sick.

Now, of course, when we speak of women’s rights, we mean voting, education, the right to not be raped and being murdered for being raped, or to be married off at age six, or any of the other “tenants” of Islam.  Getting other people to pay for your $9 birth control pills is not a right, it’s an insult to every woman who is raped, tortured, and murdered.

And here is the non-story that is part of the story…

Surely, the Tammies have something to say about this, right?

FireShot Screen Capture #042 - 'National Organization for Women (NOW)' - www_now_org

OK then, I guess they’ll cover it right after the story about how female babies are being murdered for being females?  Oh, I guess they won’t!