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Must See Video: Police Encounter In Ferguson Weeks BEFORE The Michael Brown Incident

Hat/Tip to CounterCurrentNews and Chicago Tribune. Videos have been released that allegedly show another confrontation between Ferguson, MO police and another young man. This incident is purported to have occurred a few weeks before the Michael Brown incident that sparked riots, looting and national outrage. A recently released video of an arrest in which St. Louis police are accused of using excessive force shows officers pulling a resisting suspect from a car, kicking him and shocking him with a stun gun before the camera is shut off abruptly. The dashboard camera video ends after an officer involved in the April […]

10 Union Goons Indcited on Extortion, Arson, and Assualt Charges in Philadelphia

You’ve seen the post image, I’ve used it for years.  This story explains why I use it.  It is one story of many-union goons caught violating the law.  However, what this makes this story a rarity is that the goons were caught and indicted… 10 In Union ‘Goon Squads’ Indicted For Violence, Arson In Philadelphia – The Foundry Ten members of a Philadelphia ironworkers union are charged with conspiring to commit extortion, arson, destruction of property, and assault to force construction contractors to hire union workers, according to the FBI. . . The FBI this week said the members of […]

This is Liberalism: Pro Abortion Crowd Attacks Praying Men Protecting a Church

OK, consider the following… 1.  A large group of men stand vigil outside a church to guard it from vandalism. 2.  They men do nothing more than pray, and block access to a cathedral from topless feminists that want to kill babies, and vandalize the church. 3.  The feminists attack the men. 4.  The men continue to pray, and do not retaliate. That did happen in Argentina.  Here is the video, from Life News… Now, considering all of this, any liberal will tell you that the Christians are the hateful ones. Remember that we are now in an age where […]

On This Labor Day, Remember the Victims of Union Violence

This blog has long been a place to look at union violence.  From the Verizon strike, to the gooning up of Wisconsin, Unions have cast a never ending reign of terror over the US for far too long.  Victims have suffered beatings, stabbings, shootings, vandalism, threats, intimidation, and the like.  Here are some informational videos… Is it just me, or did that video seem like a mafia movie? A tragic story. Unions: So Great, That People Have to be Forced to Join!  Or Else! So, on this day, please remember those victims of union violence.

May Day Violence Hits Seattle. What Else is New?

Yes, it was May Day-that Communist fiesta when leftists all over the world celebrate the most effective killing machine in human history.  Oh and they riot too… And like all peaceful leftist protests, lots of glass, like, spontaneously breaks itself… Just rest assured that it’s someone else’s fault.  It always is.

Great Moments of Civil Discourse: Tolerant Obama Supporters Threaten to Vandalize Cars with Romney Stickers

It’s time for another exercise in civil discourse.  This one involves the lovely and all so tolerant leftists that are so tolerant, that they threaten to vandalize the cars of people that would dare oppose them.  Moonbattery has the details of the loving tolerance of the tolerant left.   Twitchy reports: As Twitchy has reported, unhinged supporters of President Barack Obama are stealing, defacing, and urinating on pro-Mitt Romney yard signs and bumper stickers. A favorite tactic is to ruin the finish of cars with Romney stickers by scratching them with keys: The idea of course is to intimidate people from showing support for Romney, so that […]

Occupy Leave RNC Sad

Apparently, the Occupy crowd is sad.  Their numbers were low for the GOP Convention, and they were not able to disrupt any activities, or even destroy property on a massive scale. How very, very sad. The Daily Caller has some coverage.  I’ll translate the responses ftom the occupods… Following a fragmented march against the GOP, TheDC’s photo team spoke to several protesters who said they were disappointed by low turnout at protests and the lack of open discussion between protesters and Republican leadership. Translation:  The GOP didn’t allow us to harass,  berate, or  shout them down!  Remember kids, open discussion with […]

Did the Obama Administration Tell Local Authorities to Take it Easy on the Occupods?

We know that the occupods caused millions of dollars in damages, committed multiple rapes,  and generally made a nuisance of themselves, local governments had difficulty with assigning the necessary resources in order to protect life and property.  However, it appears that the Obama Administration was very helpful, and gave wise advise… The Obama administration told law enforcement authorities to go easy on Occupy Wall Street protesters, even though they were violating local laws, according to documents obtained by watchdog group Judicial Watch. Emails from the General Services Administration show that the federal agency, acting on orders from the White House, […]

Leftist Claims “Democracy Died Tonight,” Because They Lost a Democratic Vote

As we all know, our lefty opponents love to chant, “this is what democracy looks like.”  Of course, what that really means is preventing votes by fleeing, beating up opponents, vandalizing property, intimidating businesses, and the like.  Then, any vote that they actually lose is NOT democracy.   Take a listen to the following, via Brietbart… So, this guy is quoting some of the new talking points. Let’s assume that his $30,000,000 figure is correct for pro-Walker spending. Then, let’s take a look at the fact that the unions have thrown $60,000,000 into Wisconsin-a rather convenient omission, if you ask me. […]

Tolerant Left Vandalizes Church in the Name of Tolerance

Our tolerant leftist friends have brought their tolerance to all parts of the globe, by violence, if necessary.  For the latest example, take a look at latest example, via Speak Up… A Portland, Oregon, campus of Mars Hill Church was recently vandalized by a group of homosexual activists.  The group smashed nine windows with rocks, including two stained glass windows that were over 100 years old.  Normally vandalism like this is anonymous, but this vandalism was meant to send a message.  The vandals actually sent an email to a local TV station claiming responsibility for the vandalism and stating that […]

Occupod vs. Hannity

If you want some moonbattery on display, take a look at this… That was simply incredible. Predictable, but incredible. It has all the hallmarks of a Communist regime. For one, when the system fails, it’s always someone else’s fault. Just like when the collective farms in the Soviet Union turned the leading exporter of grain into a a nation in famine. Instead of acknowledging that the system didn’t work, the Soviets blamed others, particularly Americans, and then killed a bunch of innocent citizens for “collaborating” with the non-existent agents of imperialism. Whenever something goes wrong in a Communist state, it […]

More Occupy Violence: Seattle Vandalized

Their numbers are low, but their damage total is large.  That seems to be the proper way to encapsulate the Occupy Movement.  By most reports, their May Day Activities were rather small, but possessing a destructive potential beyond their numbers.  Here is what happened in Seattle… Of course, this really didn’t happen, because Occupy is peaceful.  And, if it did happen, it was someone else’s fault!

May Day Destruction Falls Short of Prediction, Seems Occupods Incapable of Mass Destruction They Promised

Yeah, they smashed some windows, and assaulted photographers, and probably spread some vermin, but the May Day antics appear to have not even lived up to last year’s destruction.  However, it appears to have not been for the lack of trying.  Here are some reports from around the country. Occupy San Franfreako Get’s a Head Start:  Destruction Ensures Because it’s always someone else’s fault… Yes, these folks were with Occupy, but occupy is “peaceful.”  So, when the violence occurs, it’s always someone else.  Get it? Local Business Owner “not the “F**king Man,” Fails to Realize That he’s Just Been Thrown […]

May Day 2012: The Beginning

If you have been a regular reader here, you know that we have been covering leftist violence for several years, and May Day has always been a lowlight.  A communist celebration of intimidation, thuggery, and vandalism.  Here are some examples from 2010… And, just like OWS, there is vandalism and destruction at most every protest, but it is always someone else’s fault. The Blaze also has some more current examples… We’ve all seen violence behavior from the left wing.  That is nothing new, and we’ll continue to see it.  What we have to understand is the why of it.  They know that […]

#Occupy Uses Feces and Urine as Protest Tools?

Apparently, the answer to that question is yes.  No matter what one thinks or feels about the big banks, one thing is clear-that since the occupods don’t like them, no one can use them.  So what do they do?  They dump human waste into banks!   However, they forgot that banks have cameras.  Here is the footage, via The Blaze… The Blaze also has some coverage… Security cameras and witnesses were vital in helping police identify and arrest a suspect. NBC-NY reports: Police said Occupy Wall Street protesters were captured on surveillance video dragging a large receptacle of human urine […]

Occupod Update: More Vandalism, and even a “Hate Crime”

  I seems that we can’t get through a week without more occupod violence.  There are two recent stories, and both strike  me as showing an ongoing escalation in their actions.  I’ll let you take a look, and decide for yourselves. Occupy Portland Vandalizes Businesses It seems that if #occupy doesn’t want something to exist, it has to go.  There isn’t a right to dissent, or even “agree to disagree.”  For yet another example of this, occupods in Portland took part in a larger action to close corporations, and while we can spend time theorizing the rationale for these actions, […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Death Threats Against Koch Brothers OK!

As we have chronicled with the “Great Moments in Civil Discourse” posts, regressives have a glaring double standard in which the the most innocent and inane comments made by Conservatives are filled with racism and “hate.”  On the other hand, regressives are apparently cleared to call for violent revolution, engage in thug tactics against men, women, and children, and make death threats.  For the latest example, we need to take a look at some interesting emails received by Koch industries, via Powerline. On Thursday, Charles Koch authorized employees of Koch Industries to reveal the contents of “hundreds of e-mails that the Kochs and employees have received […]

#Occupy and Union Thugs Plans to Disrupt CPAC: Intimidation, Vandalism, and Violence to be Recorded?


Isn’t it interesting that the movement that purports to be all about free speech and democracy tends to limit the free speech of others?  Well, it seems that #Occupy, and specifically, Occupy DC, plan to disrupt CPAC.  The most influential Conservative gathering in the US, CPAC attracts all of the big names in the Conservative world.  Presidential candidates, pundits, media, bloggers, and the like will descend on DC this week.  And, the Occupods will be there to greet them.  Here is more from the Washington Examiner… Here is their write-up: On February 9th through February 11th, a who’s who of dastardly politicians will be […]