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War on Christmas

War on Christmas Aftermath, VA Refuses Christmas Cards, Christmas Carols, Military Bans Mere Mention of Christmas

Just remember folks, any good liberal will tell you that there is no “War on Christmas.” So, in the spirit of disclosure, here are three stories that most certainly did not happen. Boys and girls at Grace Academy in Prosper, Tex., spent most of last Friday making homemade Christmas cards for bedridden veterans at the VA hospital in Dallas. … But the bedridden veterans at the VA hospital will never get to see Gracie’s card. Nor will they see the cards made by 51 other students. That’s because the Christmas cards violated VA policy. “It really didn’t occur to me […]

War on Christmas: Athiests Want Nativity Scene in Chiply, Florida, Taken Down

If you bother to listen, any liberal tell you that there is no “War on Christmas.”  They deny that there is any effort to ban, hinder, or otherwise thwart, the acknowledgment or celebration of Christmas. However, while they are denying the “War on Christmas,” they are quite busy waging the “War on Christmas.”  Forthe latest example of the completely nonexistent “War on Christmas,” we have to go to Chipley, Florida, were atheists are absolutely not trying to get the Nativity scene removed. As you can see, this is yet another example of how Christians are completely fabricating the totally nonexistent” […]

A Twist on the War on Christmas

I was at Church on Sunday morning, and heard a great twist on the entire War on Christmas.  While we all know that the goal is to delete Christianity from our culture, the leftists forgot something.  They replace “Merry Christmas, Christmas Trees, Christmas Parties, Christmas Plays,” the like with “Holiday Trees, and such.  There is, however, one flaw with that-they forget the origin of the word, “holiday.”  Here it is the information… The word holiday derived from the notion of “Holy Day”, and gradually evolved to its current form. The word holiday comes from the Old English word h?ligdæg. The word originally referred only to special religious days. In modern use, it means […]