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White privilege

When All Else Fails, Divide and Conquer: White Privilege Course Under Fire

We posted last week about the concept of White Privilege”-that mythical concept invented by liberals to keep their client groups on the plantation.  Well, they were caught lying again.  This time, in Wisconsin.  The Grio has more… One parent of a Delavan-Darien High School student spoke to Fox News. “They’re teaching white guilt.  They’re dividing the students,” this parent told said.  ”They’re saying to non-whites, ‘You have been oppressed and you’re still being oppressed.’” The parent, who requested to remain anonymous, claims she became alarmed by the content on some handouts that her 18-year-old son brought home from school. A class […]

Liberal Professor Engages in Projection: Blames Mass Murder on “White Privilege”

Imagine, if you will, that you are a liberal regressive, and want to keep your client classes on the government plantation.  You don’t want them to become independent, as they would then no longer need you.  If they don’t need you, you can’t control them, you can’t manipulate them, and they won’t vote for you or the candidate of your choice.  Your adversary is then Western Culture, and the idea that one can better themselves with work and that everyone has opportunity.  To combat that, you need to negate those ideas, and tell your client classes that no matter what […]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Racist?

Oh yes, in case you were not aware, peanut butter and jelly is raaaaacist (remember kids, raaaaacist always have five “a’s”).  Chicks on the Right, who really deserve a place on the blogroll, has more… Because in their warped noggins, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are now RAAAAAACIST. No, I’m not kidding.  And, oh my God. According to the Portland Tribune, Verenice Gutierrez, principal of Harvey Scott K-8 School, “picks up on the subtle language of racism” on a daily basis. “Take the peanut butter sandwich, a seemingly innocent example a teacher used in a lesson last school year,” the Tribune said. […]

Examining the Unfair “Unfair” Campaign

Nearly a decade ago, I was at a training program, when the agenda went off task, and the topic of “white privilege” was discussed.  Needless to say, I chose to not play along.  Being grounded in reality, I used evidence, both anecdotal and statistical, to argue my point.  Of course, that was explained away and denied, but it was a learning experience. Being a leftist concept, it has continued to grow, in spite of reality.  Here is a campaign run at the University of Minnesota at Duluth, via Campus Reform… The liberal failure is pretty obvious here, but a response has been crafted, via The […]