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Tongue in cheek or something else? UPDATED!

While sitting here at work I often search the tawdry parts of the blogosphere to see what the lewd fellows of the baser sort are up to. I’m rarely disappointed when searching for cheesy examples of the liberal mind-set.  Liberals do make some extraordinary attempts at witty, clever, yet completely un-related to topic commentary. For example, yesterday I posted The left’s war on women. In that post there are numerous statistics pointing out the dangers to women’s health that accompany abortion. One was this: Women have a 65% higher risk of clinical depression following abortion vs. childbirth. I stumbled across some pro-abortion, […]

The left’s war on women

We’ve heard for years the asinine claim that Republicans and conservatives have been leading a “war on women” … or a “war on women’s rights”.  Pro-abortion folks as well as liberals have the propensity to deflect or misdirect attention from abortion, always referring to “women’s health” or “women’s reproductive rights” or “women’s right to choose”.  None of those terms apply to abortion. In truth the pro-abortion crowd and liberals have been waging a genuine war on women and a war on children. With each abortion a death takes place. The pro-abortion crowd vehemently resist educating women so they can make […]

Socialism Is Expensive. So, Useless People Need To Die! The Elites Understand That

The progressive socialists of the world are all about caring, right? They care about women’s rights and the rights of gays, and the rights of ethnic groups, and the rights of the poor. The fact that those are important voting blocks has nothing to do with their caring attitude, does it? So, they want everyone to believe that they care about people as opposed to we knuckle-dragging conservative/libertarians who believe people should take responsibility for themselves. They believe in the collective good and we believe in the good of each individual. They believe in government control of the people and […]

Colorado Democrat Tells Women That Gun Control is More Important Than their Safety

What happens when a Democrat is asked about women using guns to protect against rape?  Well, Redstate has the video of what one Colorado Democrat said… Um, are we going to tell women that they have to submit to rapists for the good of the gun control narrative?  And, notice the silence from the Tammies? Not only are they being thrown under the bus (AGAIN), but they stay silent when real women stand to be hurt in real situations.  I guess they are standing by their their regressive man.  Or, are they kneeling in front of him?

Battle Ready Betty

In the latest bit of reality-bending psychopathy imposed by Barack Obama and the socialists of the Jackass Party, the ban upon sending women into direct combat has been lifted.  The braying donkeys who claim for the public good the right to confiscate your salt, your sugar, your firearms, and your fossil fuels will now, in order to ensure a ‘fairness’ that never has and never will exist,  send your wives and daughters into hell –  one which, of course, most of them managed to successfully avoid: […] Combat is no place for a woman. Every grunt knows that. So do […]

Fighting Words

Despite what some of my less than tolerant liberal acquaintances may believe, my military experience does not date back to the era of hardtack and beans — soldiers in the field in my day supped on such culinary catastrophes as ham and chopped eggs delivered in an olive-drab tin can laboriously broached (especially when the icy January winds that regularly blast through the Fulda Gap have demobilized your every digit) by the ubiquitous P-38 (OPENER, CAN, HAND, FOLDING, TYPE I).  The quality of these antique military victuals may be adduced by the fact that everyone’s favorite item in a case of C-rations was generally the […]

Women and Issues

“In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the work place, specifically regarding females making only 72% of what their male counterparts earned?” The response from both candidates amounted to pathetic pandering and nothing about the future.  When asked about what NEW ways they would rectify the inequalities, Obama responded with something he did in the first month of his presidency.  Romney responded with his now infamous “binders full of women” response. Now let’s consider that this was a foreign policy debate and that this 72% number is likely as substantiated as Donald Trumps hairline.  Attempt […]

“Woman of Courage,” Maria Bashir, Touted by Michelle Obama Sends Other Women to Jail for Adultery

What happens when Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton hails, Maria Bashir,  as a  champion of women’s rights, and it turns out that this woman throws other women in jail for adultery? Delicious irony, that’s what!   The Daily Mail has more… Last year she was hailed as one of the most influential people in the world – a defender of women’s rights as Afghanistan’s only female head prosecutor. Ms Bashir has been lauded by both Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton – and she was one of ten women to receive a ‘Women of Courage’ Award in Washington last year. But Maria Bashir’s […]