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Wonder Bread

Hostess to Liquidate Because of Union: 18,500 Lose Their Jobs

Well, it was announced yesterday morning.  Hostess, the maker of such foods as Twinkies, Ho-Ho’s, and Wonder Bread, is liquidating all of their assets.  The cause is simple and obvious-organized labor.  Michelle Malkin has the details… This morning Hostess announced it was closing down. The union rejected a proposed 8 percent wage cut, and the end result is a 100 percent wage cut for over 18,000 workers: Hostess, the makers of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, is going out of business after striking workers failed to heed a Thursday deadline to return to work, the company said. “We deeply regret the […]

Is it Twinkie The Kid’s Last Roundup? Hostess Unions May Vote Themselves out of Their Jobs

A few months ago, we covered that Hostess, the  company that makes Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and the like, was headed towards bankruptcy, and the worker’s unions were a large part of the problem.  Basically, the company needs to re-do it’s labor contracts, or it’s goodbye Wonder  Bread.  It’s apparently not going so well, as Labor Union Report is claiming… Hostess Chief Executive Gregory Rayburn last week told Dow Jones that the iconic maker of Wonder bread and Ho Hos will shut down its operations and sell off its brands, plants and other assets immediately if members of the two biggest unions […]