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Woodrow Wilson

Taking America Back One Bit At A Time – Part 4: The Taking of America Continued

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series Taking America Back One Bit  At A Time can be found here, here, andhere. The Taking of America continued In Part 3, The Taking of America, we talked about how from day one there were those who wanted to manipulate our new government in wats that would benefit them financially; the practice of  cronyism began in earnest and powerful bankers also took advantage of the potential of America through their investments and very importantly they applied their influence to get our government to establish a national bank that they could control. We talked about how it took the […]

Newt Gingrich a Fan of Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, and Woodrow Wilson? UPDATED

When we are looking for a Conservative to nominate in order to defeat Barak Obama in November.  I know that some of my fellow bloggers are leaning towards Newt Gingrich for that task.  However, I strongly disagree, and for additional evidence, offer the following video… After that, can we doubt that Gingrich  is a progressive?  And, what might a Republican progressive President do with the power of the executive branch.  Being a regressive, that POTUS wouldn’t reduce the power of the government-they would increase it.  Regressivism requires power to meet it’s “lofty” goals, and with that power comes control.  Human […]